Bio: My name is Shadab Shahrokh Hai. I was born in Shiraz, Iran on Oct 12th. I am a Bangladeshi by heritage. I spent most of my childhood in Shiraz but after living in Iran for 6/7 years, my parents decided to move to Dhaka, Bangladesh somewhere in 1996. From then, Dhaka became my home. My journey as a photographer began somewhere in Old Dhaka/Puran Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2008. It all began when I visited that place with my friends. I remember taking a boat ride and at the time was taking photos with my small point and shoot digital camera. Loved taking random photos and it all changes when my cousin asked me to show her those photos. She then asked me to do a course on Basic photography and that's how I got started. Photography is a medium which allows me to record moments in time. Moments of people, places, life, etc... It is also a medium through which I can interact with multitude of people of all races, religions and ethnicity, and through it, I can help passing messages of unity, peace and fraternity which is the urgent need of the hour for the mankind. Thanks, Shadab Shahrokh Hai Freelance Phootgrapher shadz.photo@gmail.com +1-647-879-7950

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